29 Nov '12, 8am

SOAKUBEATS「NEVER PAY 4 MUSIC」: 2012年12月24日発売。粗悪興業 1575円。 1.ROLEX 入手 方法 feat. DEKISHI 2.CLEANING... (via 2Dcolvics)

3.Mission:Impossible feat. onnen 4.ラップごっこはこれでおしまい feat.ECD 5.負けない feat. DEKISHI 6.Dirty Mind feat. DEKISHI 7.Watcher feat. OMSB 8.Kill Em All feat. MARIA 9.死刑宣告3D feat. Cherry Brown 10.粗悪興業モノポリー feat. onnen, Juicy jj, young old, Burberry mane, T(sutaya)-pain 11.黒烏龍茶 feat. onnen 12.サマーウオーズ feat. DEKISHI, OUTRAGE BEYOND, RITZZZ, onnen 13.††††W††††a††††r††††d††††a††††a†††† feat.onnen All Songs Produced by soakubeats Mixed & Pre-Mastered By The Anticipation "Mad" Illicit Tsuboi @ RDS Toritsudai こちらで購入できます。 http://www.wenod.com/?pid=52312170

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Why You Should Never Be Jealous

Why You Should Never Be Jealous

thefinance.sg 02 Dec '12, 12pm

Why You Should Never Be Jealous by lioyeo on December 2, 2012 Hola! So sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. I...