09 Mar '13, 3pm

#RapOrDie cc @sketchito, @abyssiniaBH, @dr_rolex, @Zach_BHP @NerdCodes @esiroross @emkayzeal

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Full article: http://pics.lockerz.com/s/286497516


#RapOrDiesongart cc @esiroross @abyssiniaBH @Za...

m.tmi.me 08 Mar '13, 9am

RT @BigheadphonesE: #RapOrDiesongart cc @esiroross @abyssiniaBH @Zach_BHP @d_double33 @dr_rolex @emkayzeal @jafarinsky @sk...

cc: @qasfirdaus

proudduck.com 20 Mar '13, 4pm

…you’ll give me a Candy Crush life. Man, I really hate this game. It’s taking over my life. They’re damn smart, this game ...