28 Sep '16, 11pm

古代ローマの肌かき器、オークションで売ってる…。欲しい~! A ROMAN BRONZE STRIGIL https://t.co/GRpuqFReSo https://t.co/hN7sK3CMHc

R.D. de Puma eloquently explains the function of strigils in regards to the present example: "Strigils are metal implements, usually made of bronze or silver, that are used to scrape accumulated oil, sweat and dirt from the skin before bathing. In both Greek and Roman culture, they are associated with athletes and are often used as funerary symbols for men who died young. Along with various oils and ointments, a strigil, sometimes with the name of the owner engraved or stamped on it, would be among the items taken to the bath" (op. cit., p. 133).

Full article: http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/ancient-art-antiquitie...


Puma Basket Platform Bronze Disponible ici

Puma Basket Platform Bronze Disponible ici

snkrs.com 27 Sep '16, 7pm

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The Big Window gets framed with 'Bronze'

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