28 Sep '16, 9am

New review: three meals at 2 Michelin star Don Alfonso 1890 on the Amalfi Coast

Don Alfonso 1890 is located high up on a hillside on the Amalfi Coast, in the sleepy little village of Sant Agata. The nearest city is Sorrento, and although it is only six miles away it is a good half an hour drive up the narrow winding roads of the hill leading to Sant Agata. The nearest airport is Naples, and the 40 mile (65 km) drive from there takes 90 minutes or more depending on traffic. If you are driving yourself then it may be easiest to stick to the lengthier main road route rather than trying to navigate the most direct route to Sant Agata from Sorrento up the hill, which involves some pretty hair-raising driving up some remarkably steep and narrow "roads". Once you have made it to Sant Agata, you will find Don Alfonso 1890 next to the village church, and if you drove here yourself then you will probably be in need of a stiff drink. The establishment has a coup...

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Just Don Custom 11's

Just Don Custom 11's

sneakerpics23.com 03 Oct '16, 1pm

These Jordan 11’s feature matte blue all over along with gold lace tips and a touch of red on the carbon fiber to give the...