30 Apr '16, 9am

Genny makes it into @TatlerUK

At last, a wheelchair/scooter for grandparents who want to look fly. This model is so innovative it makes old-school disability vehicles look like Reliant Robins - suddenly, we have Tesla-style progress. The Genny has two wheels, electronic sensorsand five gyroscopes, so you can steer by balance as you do on a Segway. There's a single central stick for acceleration and brakes, meaning a grandpa can finally have access to a few basic human rights, like holding hands with a granny while moving along, or walking a small cat on a lead. The wheels can cope with sand, snow and gravel, and, most importantly, it looks really sexy. Can't quite understand why it's taken the disability-vehicle industry so long to get its act together - but finally we have disability-mobility equality. *gets off soapbox*

Full article: http://www.tatler.com/news/articles/april-2016/emma-freud...