24 May '11, 6pm

Good film on Monocle about Oak Village in Japan. Make something to last 100 years.

From Kabul, Daniella Peled reports on the role social media plays for coalition forces and Afghans alike, and from Japan Fiona Wilson on the skills required to craft a new design business. Hosted by Tyler Brûlé and featuring editor, Andrew Tuck - Monocle crosses the globe for the latest in business, culture, urbanism and design. Click play to watch part one of the episode, then find parts two and three below.

Full article: http://www.monocle.com/monocle-on-bloomberg/#


Monocle calls CUT a "great example of a multinational production..." (cont.)

Monocle calls CUT a "great example of a multina...

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Hollywood and the rest of the world are paying close attention to the films coming out of Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. E...

Monocle mag.

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Culture Report: Founding Fathers-Hong Kong In under four years the Hong Kong International Art Fair has become a key date ...

Jaeger-LeCoultre Partners Shanghai International Film Festival

Jaeger-LeCoultre Partners Shanghai Internationa...

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Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre has announced that it will serve as the official partner of the 14th Shanghai Internatio...

Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat sells for £81,100

Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat sells for £81,100

luxuo.com 23 May '11, 7am

The flamboyant hat worn by Princess Beatrice at last month’s royal wedding has been sold for the princely sum of £81,100 o...