27 Apr '15, 4pm

Discover a rush unmatched by your local barista. #LexusGS F SPORT.

Combining the efficiency and virtually instantaneous response of the GS hybrid with the bold styling of the GS 350 F SPORT, this is the all-new GS 450 hybrid F SPORT. Among the ways it delivers jaw-dropping performance: an available dynamic rear steering system that adjusts the angle of the rear wheels for even greater agility.

Full article: http://www.lexus.com/models/GS?sf8819689=1


Natty Sport Coupe: #Lexus RC 350 #luxury #toyota #performance

Natty Sport Coupe: #Lexus RC 350 #luxury #toyot...

autotrends.org 17 Apr '15, 9am

Second, although the RC has a Lexus feel and touch, it quite easily could have been a Toyota. Certainly, that thought must...