29 Mar '15, 7pm

New MSC ship named MSC Seaside

New MSC ship named MSC Seaside

New details have been released on the MSC Seaside set to debut in November 2017 and sail year-round from Miami to the Caribbean. Designed for warm weather, the ship’s biggest selling point will be the aqua park that will span two decks and include five water attractions including Slideboarding, a two-storey, 367-foot (about 111 meters) slide that challenges riders to match the colors of the flashing strobe lights projected inside the tube with corresponding buttons on the raft. With a capacity of 4,140 guests, the Seaside will be the largest cruise vessel built by Italian shipmaker Fincantieri. On the Duelling High-Speed Aquatubes, guests race against other riders through 525 feet (about 160 meters) of twists, turns and drops on slides that extend over the side of the ship for a dizzying views of the sea below. And the Adventure Trail is built as a ropes course, where gues...

Full article: http://www.luxuo.com/travel/msc-seaside-cruise-ship.html


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