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Pretty Bohemian Decor #LUXURY #Bohemian

Bohemian, boho, hippie, hippie chic, boho modern, gothic, victorian, rustic, gypsy and Moroccan are all way people describe a very peaceful yet a compilation of bursts of colors mixed with class and effortless sensual appeal. People that are drawn to this style typically admire nature incorporated within the dull pops of colors and enjoy the peacefulness this zen like style approach has on filling a room in their home. People who decorate with this aura have an unmistakable silent appeal of living life to its fullest and connecting with an individualism which cannot be boxed because the array of unmatchable amounts of options and personal styles which fill any passerby or admirer’s eyes with a silent respect and appreciation of simple beauties.

Full article: http://destinationluxury.com/stunning-bohemian-decor/


Pretty Bohemian Decor #LUXURY #Bohemian

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