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The New Buben & Zorwerg One Perpetual Calender: via @luxurylaunches

The New Buben & Zorwerg One Perpetual Calender: via @luxurylaunches

Buben & Zorwerg One Perpetual Calender Buben & Zorweg is a name that commands respect in horological world. The master and market a leader when it comes to the watch winder segment, the famed brand has now forayed into the world of timepieces. Yes, picking the Baselworld 2012 as the platform to mark the unveiling of their debut timepiece, Buben & Zorweg have stolen the hearts of watch collectors across the globe with their first offspring, The One Perpetual Calender. Renowned watchmaker Martin Braun modified the manufacture caliber at the heart of the Buben & Zorweg One exclusive for the company. A delight to the eyes, this timepiece exudes the expertise and craftsmanship that Buben & Zorweg is renowned for. Boasting of a BZ01-MHO manufacture handwinding movement, this timepiece has a 156 hour power reserve. As the name suggests there is also a fully settable and adjustabl...

Full article: http://www.luxurylaunches.com/watches/buben_zorwerg_one_p...



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Calender of entrepreneurship events in Singapore

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No one would be that cruel

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