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Celestial Clockwork: the Patek Philippe 6102 Celestial Moon Age

Celestial Clockwork: the Patek Philippe 6102 Celestial Moon Age

Disk A has 279 teeth, additional planetary (reduction) gearing drives disk B, and disk C has 356 teeth. Such excessive quantities of teeth allowed Patek Philippe to leverage some extraordinary gearing ratios so that these celestial disks can be driven by the same 3-Hz-regulated mainspring barrel as the timekeeping gear train. If you turn over the watch—and if you can take your eyes off the micro-rotor and Spiromax® balance—with some careful inspection you might notice a small wheel almost concealed by the back bezel below the last engraved “E” of “GENEVE.” This is the intermediary gear for the celestial complications and the beginning of an extremely impressive chain of ratios, delivering astronomical indications no less bewitching than their real-world phenomena.

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#PatekPhilippe https://t.co/BBY9jeFFg4

#PatekPhilippe https://t.co/BBY9jeFFg4

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