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  • Posh words: 28 words only posh people use

    tatler.com 14 Mar '17, 5pm

    28 words that only posh people use By Clare Bennett 14th March 2017 Rex Features Has it been yonks since you got your bins out to stare at the ravishing games mistress? These and other favourite words of posh people... Bins (binoculars) - 'Pass me those bins so I can have a good look ...

  • Cheltenham Festival 2017 best restaurants & hotels

    tatler.com 07 Mar '17, 5pm

    It's 4am. It doesn't matter what you eat - you just need to eat. A pizza. A burger. Anything! The only place worth bothering with at this hour (and probably the only place open) is the Turkish Delight on Portland Street. 'Turkish', as it's affectionately known among Cheltenham folk, i...

  • School dinners UK: the best in England

    tatler.com 09 Mar '17, 1pm

    'We are known for what we do with dyslexics - and our food,' says jolly headmaster John Floyd. Our school spy dined on duck breast with red cabbage, followed by a tangy mango roulade. There are candlelit dinners twice weekly for boys and their parents, and the Oyster Club (that's cook...

  • Cheltenham festival beauty essentials 2017

    tatler.com 03 Mar '17, 11am

    How to look your best at the Cheltenham Festival All you need is a thick face cream (for the wind), a good foundation (to hide the wine rash) and some waterproof mascara (for the tears of joy when your horse wins), as Netia Walker discovers... 3rd March 2017 Getty Images The Cotswolds...

  • Not too posh to punch - Domestic violence

    tatler.com 05 Mar '17, 10am

    Two women are killed every week in this country by their husbands or partners and, astonishingly, a quarter of all women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime (last year, 1.2m, according to Government figures). On average, a woman will suffer 35 assaults before she final...

  • Volvo V90 car review

    tatler.com 14 Mar '17, 10am

    The V90 is a perfect example. Once a classic mum car, it has been transformed into a much more elegant estate, with a panoramic glass roof and a 360-degree camera (you'd have to really try to hit that bollard in the Waitrose car park). Plus, they're still big on safety. There's a syst...

  • Inside Albert's club South Kensington:

    tatler.com 24 Feb '17, 11am

    And they open early, fyi - at 6pm, in fact. Because this is not just a nightclub (they're dying a slow death across the country, as we all know). No, this is a members' club for the chic and mainly over-25s. This isn't somewhere simply to pitch up after pizza at Pucci's or a bowl of c...

  • Hot headmasters in private schools UK

    tatler.com 24 Feb '17, 12pm

    Are these the 6 hottest headmasters in the UK? Parents' evenings are about to get steamy... 23rd February 2017 The school run and summer fêtes have suddenly become a whole lot more tempting. Introducing some of the hottest headmasters of UK prep and public schools from the Tatler Scho...


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