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    Bay Area Billionaires, 2014

    sfluxe.com 05 Feb '14, 12pm

    Today we present our 3rd Annual “Bay Area Billionaires” list for 2014, which has increased this year thanks to the thriving tech world and several high-profile IPOs.

  • Did you know? Losing belly fat can help you sleep better

    sfluxe.com 10 Nov '12, 4am

    in a six-month program. The subjects were then randomly assigned to one of two groups — one group went on a weight-loss diet with exercise training, while the second group only had diet intervention. Before the study, subjects also were interviewed about their sleep issues, such as in...

  • George Lucas Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from SFMOMA

    George Lucas Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    sfluxe.com 18 Dec '13, 7am

    “There was another film student who had made it, who was five years older than I am, Francis Coppola , who was the only film student who ever made it into a studio. And he did it by way of Canada. But we were the only guys who were on staff [at Warner Bros.] who were under 30 years ol...

  • Pilates & yoga lovers say goodbye to bare feet & hello to new footwear from Nike

    sfluxe.com 14 Nov '12, 4pm

    Pilates and yoga enthusiasts can rejoice and say adios to clunky tennis shoes and unattractive socks thanks to Nike, Inc . Come Spring 2013, a new footwear is coming to town and its name is The Nike Studio Wrap. Designed to alleviate a few key problems, the wearer will feel comfortabl...

  • ‘Belly Melt Diet’ aims to reset hormones for weight loss | San

    sfluxe.com 14 Nov '12, 5pm

    The editors of “Prevention” magazine want to reset women’s internal clocks to help them lose weight in the new book “The Belly Melt Diet” (Rodale Books, $25.99) . That resetting is done through diet, exercise and proper sleep, which is outlined in the hardcover book. It’s called chron...

  • Jennifer Lawrence refuses to lose weight for film roles: Actress Jennifer Lawrence refuses to starve herself for...

    Jennifer Lawrence refuses to lose weight for film roles

    sfluxe.com 10 Nov '12, 4am

    Actress Jennifer Lawrence refuses to starve herself for movie roles as she wants to set a positive example for her young female fans. The 22-year-old actress has no plans to lose weight to fit into the Hollywood mould, and admits she was determined to look healthy when she trained to ...

  • A deeper meaning of Thanksgiving and practicing gratitude

    sfluxe.com 14 Nov '12, 4pm

    As Thanksgiving approaches, we often get caught up in the demands the holiday brings, and the true meaning of Thanksgiving is frequently missed. Aside from the Pilgrim story and how Thanksgiving became a holiday, there is something deeper we can take away from this holiday, and that i...

  • Midtown Jewelers Announces Danhov Bridal – Their Newest Couture Designer… |

    sfluxe.com 15 Nov '12, 1pm

    Midtown Jewelers is proud to announce their inclusion of Danhov to the other couture bridal collections. Reston, VA (PRWEB) November 12, 2012 Midtown Jewelers is the premier boutique jewelry store in the D.C. metro area. As a premier attraction, every designer invited to partner with ...


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