• Interior designer Lisa Melone Cloughen shares her tips for creating a backyard getaway

    Patio Styling Tips

    oceanhomemag.com 27 Jun '17, 7pm

    Interior designer Lisa Melone Cloughen shares her tips for creating a backyard getaway A patio filled with the right amenities can be a warm weather getaway, right in your backyard. Create an outdoor living you can enjoy with these tips from Lisa Melone Cloughen . 1. Outdoor spaces ar...

  • Add a Vintage Sea Feel to Your Home With Fishing Floats

    Add a Vintage Sea Feel to Your Home With Fishing Floats

    oceanhomemag.com 02 Jul '17, 8pm

    Fishing floats, those shimmering balls and cylinders that traditionally were used to keep fishermen's nets and lines at the surface of the water, hint at the mystery and romance of the sea. Glass ones were popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries; those have since given way to mod...

  • Three Deal Breakers When Buying a Home

    Three Deal Breakers When Buying a Home

    oceanhomemag.com 21 Jun '17, 2pm

    You can make changes to the house, but you can’t change the area. Compromise here, and you will come to regret it later down the line. Of course finding something with plenty of amenities and a low crime rate is essential, it’s not just that you need to be thinking of. Is it too busy,...

  • Cool Pool Tools - Ocean Home - June-July 2017

    oceanhomemag.com 03 Jun '17, 5pm

    Major advances in pool technology offer new ways to enhance alfresco lifestyles By Andrea Collins A new generation of cutting-edge technology, fully automated controls and innovations in residential pool management is putting coastal homeowners in command of their prized outdoor livin...

  • Five ideas for bringing a laid-back vacation feeling to your own backyard

    Five Tropical Gardens

    oceanhomemag.com 28 Mar '17, 11pm

    From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Houzz features some dream-worthy tropical homes and gardens. We’ve selected five of these gardens that are not only beautiful, but also offer inspiration for bringing a bit of the tropics to your own backyard. Gardeners in temperate and subtrop...

  • China White OC-141 frames dark accents in this Nantucket home (Via @OceanHomeMag):

    Nantucket Home Design - Ocean Home - February-March 2017

    oceanhomemag.com 28 Feb '17, 2pm

    Leading interior designer Kara Mann on Nantucket into a cool, comfortable and carefree vacation home turns a classic saltbox By Andrew Conway Photographs by Douglas Friedman Step inside this stylish Nantucket home and the first thing to catch your eye is an intriguing artwork by renow...

  • Bring the #beach straight to your #home this #winter with these simple @Oceanhomemag tips.

    Missing the Ocean? Bring the Beach Vacation to Your Home

    oceanhomemag.com 04 Dec '16, 3pm

    The days are already getting shorter. Do you know where your beach vacation went? Whether your shore time is already over or it’s just not going to happen this year, missing it in the summer can be a bummer. A little beach house flair for your home may help ease the longing, if only a...

  • Fall is here! Celebrate the season with these festive #entertaining tips @TheSalonniere

    Fall Entertaining

    oceanhomemag.com 02 Oct '16, 4pm

    In a medium-sized pot add cranberries, water, sugar, and cinnamon sticks. Heat over a medium flame, and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, and cook, stirring occasionally, until the cranberries have burst open and can easily be stirred into the syrup, resulting in a smooth consisten...


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