• The Iconic Ritz London

    The Iconic Ritz London

    oceanhomemag.com 13 Jan '18, 3pm

    Photo courtesy of The Ritz London It is, quite literally, a feast for the eyes as a small army of neatly pressed waiters delivers tea stand after tea stand heaped with freshly cut finger sandwiches, warm baked scones with clotted Devonshire cream and strawberry preserve, and a mouthwa...

  • Insights from Jetsetter Noel Shu, 'The Prince of Luxury'

    Insights from Jetsetter Noel Shu, ‘The Prince of Luxury’

    oceanhomemag.com 06 Jan '18, 3pm

    One of the biggest and most successful brands that I have seen that caters more towards the everyday luxury is Tory Burch. Although TB is for women, I have on many occasions bought it for family, friends and clients so I can safely say I have quite a bit of exposure to this brand and ...

  • Six Coastal Landscapes

    Six Coastal Landscapes

    oceanhomemag.com 05 Jan '18, 9pm

    Follow the ocean's lead for a dynamic coastal garden with plants and grasses as beautiful as the view By Genevieve Schmidt, Houzz Landscaping for the coast offers some unique design opportunities as well as challenges. The salty winds can be tough on plants and people, yet the breeze ...

  • 3 Living Pods Embrace the Beach Experience on Waiheke Island

    oceanhomemag.com 10 Dec '17, 9pm

    The home is designed as three pods — living area, utility space with laundry and bathroom, and bedroom zone — positioned under one common roof. “The monopitch roof is contrary to the slope of the hill, which allows the house to tuck into the section,” Guthrie says. It also means the b...

  • Ocean Home 50: Peter Pennoyer Architects

    Ocean Home 50: Peter Pennoyer Architects

    oceanhomemag.com 30 Dec '17, 5pm

    Ocean Home 50: Peter Pennoyer Architects House in Maine (2013), Peter Pennoyer Architects Photo credit: Eric Piasecki Peter Pennoyer Architects (PPA) is an award-winning practice in traditional architecture and is widely recognized as a leader in classicism and historic preservation. ...

  • The Best Tips for Buying a Vacation Property

    The Best Tips for Buying a Vacation Property

    oceanhomemag.com 01 Dec '17, 9pm

    Before buying a property, think about the popular travel seasons for your vacation property's location. You may only go on holiday once a year, so the rest of the time you might want to rent your property out to other travelers. Peak travel seasons will be the most lucrative time for ...

  • Gillespie Grapevine: A Place to Call Home - Ocean Home - August-September 2016

    oceanhomemag.com 09 Dec '17, 5pm

    Gillespie Grapevine: A Place to Call Home The latest in oceanfront real estate developments from Los Cabos to Miami By Melissa C. Gillespie Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and renowned real estate development firm Irongate have announced plans for a luxury resort and private residence...

  • 5 Steps to a Thriving Oceanfront Garden

    5 Steps to a Thriving Oceanfront Garden

    oceanhomemag.com 06 Dec '17, 9pm

    Naturally occuring beach landscapes are visually pleasing because they contain only the few plants that can handle the demanding seaside conditions, creating the appearance of a well-tended and salt-pruned garden. Take a page from Mother Nature's book and plant masses of proven and be...


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