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  • Food Neighbourhoods 47: New York, Harlem, The Menu - Radio 15 Aug '17, 12pm

    Monocle’s New York bureau chief Ed Stocker tours some of Harlem’s best brunch joints with Herb Karlitz, co-founder of the Harlem EatUp! food festival.

  • Back to the future - The Forecast 2016 - Magazine 14 Aug '17, 10am

    “Everything you’ve read about this building is untrue,” says Javier Sáenz Guerra as we step into the crimson capsule-shaped lift of Madrid’s Torres Blancas. “When there’s a lack of information, fanciful stories tend to flourish,” he adds, alluding to the stream of myth and misinformat...

  • River crossing, The Urbanist 304 - Radio 11 Aug '17, 7am

    When a Budapest bridge was temporarily closed down the city’s residents decided to take matters into their own hands and turn it into pop-up park. One year on, their liveability vision is forcing city hall to embrace plans for a more relaxed city. Our Design editor Nolan Giles went to...

  • Thursday 10 August, The Globalist 1509 - Radio 10 Aug '17, 8am

    We take a closer look at the sabre rattling between the US and North Korea and examine the Democratic Alliance’s move to dissolve South Africa’s parliament. Plus: a political caravan in Pakistan, business in Kuwait and a profile of the Canadian stadium turned refugee shelter.

  • Delayed Gratification - The Stack 258 - Radio 09 Aug '17, 12pm

    ‘The Summer Weekly’ is a new weekly newspaper from the team behind ‘Monocle’ magazine. With a print run of four issues between mid-August and early September, the paper will be slower than a daily paper but quicker than a monthly magazine, reacting to the news while also running longe...

  • Rethinking modernism, Section D 304 - Radio 09 Aug '17, 9am

    Modern marvel or bleak box? Modernism is one of the most divisive architectural movements of the 20th century. We talk to Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill, founding directors of The Modern House and authors of a new book that argues why it’s time for us to reassess our definition of moder...

  • [LISTEN] Latest episode of @Monocle24 The Cinema Show looks at what makes a great cinema

    Action! 08: How to design a cinema, The Cinema Show - Radio 06 Aug '17, 3pm

    Designing a luxury cinema for picky picture-goers in the age of streaming is a tricky business. Architect Takero Shimazaki shares his insights following his redesign of London’s stunning Curzon Bloomsbury art house.

  • Noma Bar - The Monocle Weekly 422 - Radio 07 Aug '17, 7pm

    Israeli illustrator and graphic artist Noma Bar discusses his career and new retrospective book collection ‘Bittersweet’. We also head to Belgrade – where Monocle’s Guy De Launey has been sampling summer with the city’s ice-cream makers – and writer and comedian Andrew O’Neill stops b...

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