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  • Weekend podcast interview with Alberto Alessi on the fine line between art and design

    Alberto Alessi, The Big Interview 34 - Radio 29 May '16, 8am

    Design heavyweight Alberto Alessi sits down with Josh Fehnert to discuss the ills and advantages of running a family business and the fine line between art and design. Plus: a few choice tips for success in business.

  • Making it in the city: Vienna ateliers - Film 25 May '16, 7am

    Vienna provided the perfect backdrop for this Monocle Quality of Life Conference session. Monocle Films paid a visit to six of our favourite ateliers to discover that you can create jobs and wealth with downtown workshops – and the sound of the odd hammer.

  • Why is India so popular in #Afghanistan? For @MonocleMag I profile Ambassador @VohraManpreet

    Diplomacy briefing - Issue 94 - Magazine 26 May '16, 7am

    Kabul [INDIAN AMBASSADOR TO AFGHANISTAN] Few ambassadorial residences in the world are located under a Nato helicopter flight path. But as the windows of his elegant reception room rattle from a constant stream of Black Hawks and Chinooks coming in and out of the nearby Nato-led isaf ...

  • ‘The Human City: Urbanism for the Rest of Us’

    ‘The Human City: Urbanism for the Rest of Us’ - The Urbanist 237 - Radio | Monocle 22 May '16, 2am

    Among urban planners it is often argued that higher-density cities are more sustainable than low-density ones. But what about the complete opposite? Could dispersion promote a sustainable urban environment too? Joel Kotkin tells us about this and other issues raised in his book ‘The H...

  • Alain de Botton - Meet the Writers on @monocle24

    Alain de Botton, Meet the Writers 23 - Radio 14 May '16, 2pm

    De Botton reclaimed the self-help genre in 2004 with ‘How Proust Can Change Your Life’ and has since written a stack of non-fiction books that attempt to philosophically unpick complex subjects. But his first book was a novel and now, 23 years later, he has released the sequel: an unr...

  • I talk to @Monocle24 about how design is covered in print:

    Enduring appeal - Section D 237 - Radio 27 Apr '16, 8am

    Today we turn our editorial gaze back onto our own turf and consider how to cover a subject as diverse and delightful as design in print and online. Are magazines as influential as they used to be and do clicks and online articles pay the bills? We also mull over the effects of the in...

  • Eurovision and soft power, The Foreign Desk 122 - Radio 14 May '16, 5pm

    The Eurovision Song Contest, the final of which takes place in Stockholm next week, is one of the greatest expressions of European solidarity and soft power. But as the whole continent struggles, what can it tell us about the state of Europe today?

  • Radio 16 Apr '16, 7am

    All the best bits from the past seven days on Monocle 24. This week we talk Hollywood and politics with Marc Adelman and profile Austria’s Conchita Wurst ahead of Monocle’s Quality of Life Conference in Vienna. Plus: London synth-pop trio Wild Palms play in the studio at Midori House.

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