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  • Eureka 81: Voysis, Peter Cahill, The Entrepreneurs - Radio 19 Jan '18, 3pm

    Peter Cahill is the founder of Voysis, an Irish start-up that has developed an intelligent personal assistant to rival the likes of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Cahill tells us about his journey and why being independent is an advantage in the market.

  • Making headlines - The Globalist 1625 - Radio 19 Jan '18, 10am

    US analyst Brian Klaas discusses a week in Washington in which the concept of fake news has been stretched to breaking point.

  • Rebranding fascism - The Briefing 1615 - Radio 17 Jan '18, 2pm

    We find out why Japan has issued a warning over North Korea’s behaviour and discuss how Marine Le Pen intends to rebrand France’s far-right. Plus: we examine internet censorship in China and ask what next for the men’s artistic director at Louis Vuitton?

  • Baťa: if the shoe fits - Film | 16 Jan '18, 8am

    The Czech town of Zlín was transformed by a visionary shoemaker who wanted to house his workers in a garden city. We put our best foot forward to explore his functionalist masterpiece.

  • Tall Stories 89: the tin church, The Urbanist - Radio 15 Jan '18, 5pm

    This week we head to the small village of Laragh near the Irish border, to hear the story of a tin church that is enduring the test of time thanks to the community’s restoration work.

  • Catch of the day, The Stack 281 - Radio 13 Jan '18, 10am

    Description: Grab your tackle and steady your rod: we cast our net out into the wide world of fishing with a magazine celebrating the angling lifestyle. Plus: ‘The New York Times’ releases a regular kids section and we meet one of the best art-book designers in the business.

  • On Design 73: Casio’s timeless wristwatch, Section D - Radio | 12 Jan '18, 10am

    This unlikely Japanese design has graced the wrists of the famous and infamous (Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama both had one) since 1991. Here we pay homage to a humble masterpiece of industrial design: the Casio F-91W watch.

  • Art 2018, Culture with Robert Bound 326 - Radio 08 Jan '18, 7pm

    Robert Bound goes on his annual pilgrimage to Florida for some December sun and to meet some key figures in the world of art and design during Miami art week: art adviser Lisa Schiff, Art Basel Cities’ artistic director…

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