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  • Soosan Lolavar, Morten Strøksnes and Alex Preston, The Monocle Weekly 420 - Radio | 23 Jul '17, 12pm

    We speak to musician and composer Soosan Lolavar about her new opera on immigration “ID, Please”. Plus, Norwegian author Morten Strøksnes reflects on his new book “Shark Drunk” and writer Alex Preston joins us to talk about the simple pleasures of birdlife – as detailed in his new pub...

  • Venezuela: can Maduro hold on?, The Foreign Desk 185 - Radio 22 Jul '17, 11am

    Unofficial referendums, spurious elections, strikes and riots – the ongoing instability in Venezuela is taking its toll on the people that live there. But could things have been different? And what can be done to return the country to normality?

  • Saint Motel, The Sessions at Midori House 125 - Radio 22 Jul '17, 7am

    British-Brazilian singer and former frontwoman of Smoke City Nina Miranda tells us about her new album ‘Freedom of Movement’ and performs a few new tracks alongside her 1990s hit ‘Underwater Love’.

  • Eureka 57: Station F, The Entrepreneurs - Radio 21 Jul '17, 4pm

    Station F is the world’s largest start-up campus. Opened weeks ago in Paris with an appearance by France’s president Emmanuel Macron and the project’s billionaire founder Xavier Niel, it’s located in an abandoned 1920s railway depot the size of the Eiffel Tower and has room for thousa...

  • Trying times - Midori House 1452 - Radio 20 Jul '17, 2pm

    Why did Trump and Putin hold a second meeting at the G20? Plus: a look at Montenegro’s trial of alleged coup plotters, the possible outcome of Rwanda’s forthcoming election and Gibraltar’s role in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

  • Restaurant Awards 22 Jul '17, 7am

    Far from the hifalutin haute cuisine of other restaurant rundowns, Monocle’s third annual Restaurant Awards celebrate and elevate an endangered species: humble neighbourhood restaurants, smiley staff and simple service that often get lost in the fuss and froth of fine dining. Here we ...

  • Leni Schwendinger, urban lighting design - The Urbanist 298 - Radio 22 Jul '17, 11am

    Over the past 10 years Ivan Kucina has been working to change the approach to urban design in his city – mainly by launching the Belgrade International Architecture Week. But he warns us it is not a celebration of good design, rather it’s a summit in how to change things for the better.

  • Explainer 74: Cultural boycotts, The Foreign Desk - Radio 19 Jul '17, 5pm

    As tensions continue to rise between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Andrew Mueller asks if the co-ordinated shunning of Qatar by many of its neighbours is just a distraction – and where this political stalemate could be heading.

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