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  • Derek Boshier interviewed on Monacle Radio @FlowersGallery

    Wednesday 7 October - The Globalist 1028 - Radio 07 Oct '15, 7am

    As Norway prepares for the budget announcement today, we assess if the country will tap into its sovereign wealth fund meant for future generations. Then we get the latest on the ground from Ramallah following a new wave of clashes between Israelis and Palestinians. We’ll also meet De...

  • Kioskafe - London launch - Film 02 Oct '15, 10am

    To celebrate the launch of Monocle’s first Kioskafe in Paddington, we talk to editor in chief Tyler Brûlé about the concept, branding and enduring appeal of print.

  • Greek Revival: Athens the new Berlin @ZeusNDione

    Monday 28 September 2015 | The Monocle Minute 28 Sep '15, 5am

    There are two main parts to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that begins today in New York: the public and the private. In public, a procession of leaders will take to the stage to deliver set-piece speeches. Every nation gets to make one, though most of the attention will b...

  • Live edition - The Stack 161 - Radio 26 Sep '15, 9am

    Tyler Brûlé hosts a special live magazine discussion with some of the industry's most revered figures. Gert Jonkers of ‘Fantastic Man’, editor of ‘Paris Match’ Olivier Royant, media strategist Ian Birch and world-renowned graphic designer Erik Spiekermann all appear before a studio au...

  • Dock star - Issue 87 - Magazine 19 Sep '15, 7pm

    “We’re not interested in neat branding. We tried that; it was a disaster,” says mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard. “Your brand needs to be credible, it needs to be rooted in the city.” He is looking out over the skyline through, literally, rose-tinted glass but this laidback 39-year-ol...

  • The Entrepreneurs: @jcrew’s Frank Muytjens, author @freya1 and chocolate brand @doisyanddam

    Episode 206 - The Entrepreneurs 206 - Radio 23 Sep '15, 6pm

    We sit down with Frank Muytjens, head of men’s design at J.Crew, and hear how the company transformed from a preppy catalogue brand into a consistently on-point icon in the global menswear market. We also talk to the British business duo behind superfood-infused chocolate brand Doisy ...

  • The Bulletin with UBS, recorded live at the UBS Global Thought Leadership Debate. Listen again

    Future trends (part one) - The Bulletin with UBS 48 - Radio 08 Sep '15, 12pm

    Leading experts and entrepreneurs discuss the future of technology, demography and inequality at UBS’s first Global Thought Leadership Debate.

  • Revista británica Monocle publicó artículo sobre lugares de memoria, allí aparece nuestroMuseo …

    Room to grieve - Issue 87 - Magazine 22 Sep '15, 10pm

    Many of us are drawn to cities for their vitality and promise. While most designers, architects and city-planners work towards improving some aspect of urban life, however others are charged with the less straightforward brief of creating spaces or monuments that commemorate less pala...

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