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  • Finding Banksy: A Guide to Locating Banksy's Street Art

    justluxe.com 27 Feb '17, 11pm

    Banksy's street art normally stands out from the rest as he's known to use multi-layered stencils, and sometimes even spray paint. He often places his work on important buildings or landmarks, (like on a wall in the West Bank of Israel, or near the London Bridge and Houses of Parliame...

  • Inside the 2017 Madison & Mulholland Award Gift Bag

    justluxe.com 24 Feb '17, 11pm

    Celebrities receive a three-night stay at Baron's Cove Sag Harbor in a Harbor loft suite. Recipients receive breakfast for two each morning, a dining credit, 90-minute message, daily yoga class and a wine tasting for two at Wolffer Estate Vineyard. An Isalbella Heart New York black le...

  • Nizuc Resort & Spa is a True Oasis of Sophisticated Style and Creative Cuisine in Cancun

    justluxe.com 20 Feb '17, 10pm

    Having visited several properties in Cancun over the years we thought we’d seen the best the renowned beachfront town had to offer. Having just visited Nizuc Resort & Spa however we’re forced to reconsider. Nizuc bridges the gap between Cancun, which can be a bit crowded, and the more...

  • Four Days in Paradise at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

    justluxe.com 23 Feb '17, 10pm

    It doesn’t take long to realize that Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is pretty special, even as far as luxury resorts go. Perhaps it is the all-singing, all-clapping welcome from the staff, which even for Fijian standards was warm. Perhaps it is the fact that the resort has a ‘pillow libr...

  • Interview: Haute Couture Designer Zang Toi on His Lexus Collection

    justluxe.com 16 Feb '17, 11pm

    The design partnership is a first for both, and makes Lexus the only brand on auto show floors with a wardrobe created and handmade for each brand representative. Featuring four elegant couture looks, the “Zang Toi Collection for Lexus ” recently premiereed its press day fashions at t...

  • A Quick Look at 7 of our Favorite Exclusive Private Clubs Around the World

    justluxe.com 17 Feb '17, 11pm

    There are some super secretive and exclusive clubs out there. No, these aren’t Illuminati clubs that require a secret knock for entry. These are highly private clubs that only accept the most qualified of the qualified. Here is a quick look at seven private clubs around the world that...

  • Dubai Looks to Build The Globe's First Rotating Skyscraper

    Dubai Looks to Build The Globe's First Rotating Skyscraper

    justluxe.com 22 Feb '17, 6pm

    According to the firm, “The Rotating Skyscraper takes on shapes imposed by time and life, never appearing the same in any two given moments. It is the first building to have four dimensions: Designed by time, shaped by life.” Owners could potentially wake up to views of the sunrise an...

  • Italian Opulence in the Heart of Vietnam

    justluxe.com 17 Feb '17, 9pm

    The Reverie Saigon’s 286 guestrooms feature an eclectic style and range in size from 462 to 3,396 square feet. Eleven categories of suites are on offer and come with separate living and sleeping areas, master baths with soaking tubs and showers and the bi-level Saigon and Reverie Suit...


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