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  • #TBT King Seiko 45-7001

    #TBT King Seiko 45-7001 23 Jul '15, 6am

    Regarding finishing, the King Seiko delivers on a level often seen on watches costing multiples more. Also, while we make excuses for some of our most treasured vintage watches related to patina, aging, and the like, the Seiko 45-7001 possesses quality that would be acceptable today: ...

  • 14 Signed Moonwatch Casebacks Telling The Story Of Gemini and Apollo Missions 30 Jun '15, 9am

    A wonderful inspirational history of the US space programme told through its link with the Speedmaster. Congratulations TLI Guy on your amazing research. I will save this to refer to in the future for sure. On a much more modest scale the blog I wrote for Fratello Watches Speedy Tuesd...

  • Exploring the Gavox Aurora

    Exploring the Gavox Aurora 10 Jul '15, 9am

    However, what I liked most about the Gavox Aurora was the exploration of all functions and how to set them. This really is something you need to take your time for. I was happy to learn that Gavox offers an on-line Virtual Aurora demo which you can play with, and which offers an easy ...

  • Toolwatch Just Got Better

    Toolwatch Just Got Better 10 Jul '15, 2pm

    An accurate mechanical watch is not something to think lightly of. Your mechanical watch is a complex piece of work and it is not a given fact that it will keep perfect time. Bumps, shocks and magnetism, it can all influence the accuracy of your watch. Although you will see the Witsch...

  • Speedy Tuesday – We Have A Look At The New Ceramic Speedmaster Collection

    Speedy Tuesday - We Have A Look At The New Ceramic Speedmaster Collection 07 Jul '15, 11am

    I will tell you the truth right away: This would be my pick. Although at first glance (on the press release Omega sent us under embargo), I wondered whether this Sedna Black version would be my least favorite model as I couldn’t match the use of gold on such a ‘stealth’ timepiece. How...

  • Hanhart PRIMUS Survivor Pilot: Limited special edition for individualists and explorers Under the motto “Urban...

    Hanhart PRIMUS Survivor Pilot • Fratello Watches 08 Jun '15, 5am

    With the PRIMUS Survivor Pilot Hanhart combines its 130-year tradition with modern elements. The chronograph, like the entire collection, features Hanhart’s unmistakable distinctive trademarks, the red push button and the typical “bi-compax” display arrangement. The dial’s premium, br...

  • Longines Heritage Diver 1967 Explained

    Longines Heritage Diver 1967 Explained 10 Jun '15, 7am

    As the name indicates this new model is inspired by a diver chronograph that Longines introduced in 1967. Being a Heritage model it shares many features with the original watch, red (or as the company calls it bordeaux ) bezel being the most obvious. That makes the watch so easily not...

  • Strap maker workshop by Olaf Lugten from 13 Jun '15, 11am

    After being welcomed we all did a quick introduction about ourselves, followed by Olaf kicking off his master class, doing so by explaining why he started making his own straps and what motivates him to do it the way he does. In short it was the lack of quality that he was expecting a...

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