• RR 328: Rails Security Beyond the Defaults with Matias Korhonen - Devchat.tv

    devchat.tv 01 Oct '17, 11am

    The Rogues talk to Matias about securing your Rails applications. Rails comes with a lot of security features built in, but you can still leave yourself open to exploitation if you're not careful. Most of these problems occur in the portion of the app your write as opposed to the part...

  • @ChandanJ thanks for a great podcast on DynamoDB. Check out this NoSQL approach

    RR 314 DynamoDB on Rails with Chandan Jhunjhunwal - Devchat.tv

    devchat.tv 09 Aug '17, 5pm

    [This episode is sponsored by hired.com. Are you searching for a new job? That could be stressful, scary and time consuming. Plus your recruiters try to sell you on roles you don’t actually want. And the job feels like you’re throwing your resume into a blackhole, never to be seen aga...

  • I was on Ruby Rogues talking about db corruption in Rails apps:

    RR 311 Data Corruption in Rails with Peter Bhat Harkins - Devchat.tv

    devchat.tv 26 May '17, 2am

    Data Corruption in Rails with Peter Bhat Harkins Today's Ruby Rogues podcast features Data Corruption in Rails with Peter Bhat Harkins . Peter started in rails since the time version 1.0 was released. He spent 5 years consulting full time, and now runs a consultancy for SAAS companies...

  • 288 RR Upgrading Rails Apps with Joshua Wood and Ben Wood

    devchat.tv 30 Nov '16, 7pm

    Yeah. Absolutely. We have a process that we’ve been developing and that absolutely is the question. It is scary when you’re getting into a Rails upgrade. Especially in a code base that you’re not familiar with. I want to add something to what Joshua say about clients that we’re workin...

  • DevChat.TV

    devchat.tv 29 Apr '15, 2pm

    Bandwidth provided by CacheFly. CacheFly is the world's fastest CDN, delivering rich media content up to 10x faster than traditional delivery methods. With a proven track record and over a decade's worth of experience, companies around the world choose the CacheFly CDN for reliable an...

  • 284 RR React on Rails with Justin Gordon and Rob Wise

    devchat.tv 02 Nov '16, 12pm

    If you only had user input, that’s kind of easy to handle, it’s not big a deal. But as soon as you introduce having the asynchronous ajax type stuff coming in and you get a multiple ajax responses and you also have user input all of the same time, what the heck are you going to be doi...

  • 254 RR Building/Scaling a Rails SaaS App with Derrick Reimer - Ruby Rogues

    devchat.tv 06 Apr '16, 12pm

    Ruby Rogues is a weekly panel discussion about programming. Ruby and technologies like Rails are what we have in common, but the discussions cover parts of the Ruby ecosystem, gems (libraries) as well as programming practices, tools, and careers.

  • 282 RR Angular on Rails with Jason Swett

    devchat.tv 19 Dec '16, 3pm

    There is one really good reason I think for having them separate like that. Pretty much all the Angular and Rails projects that I’ve inherited from other people have Angular in the asset pipeline. Pretty much all of them have abused Angular horribly for a number of reasons. One thing ...