• The 'Orange Is the New Black' leak started with a computer running Windows 7 and a $50,000 bitcoin ransom

    'Orange Is the New Black' leak started with Windows 7 and $50,000 ransom in bitcoin

    businessinsider.de 20 Jun '17, 3pm

    JoJo Whilden for Netflix The hack that led to the April leak of unreleased episodes of "Orange Is the New Black" happened because an audio post-production business called Larson Studios had a computer on its network still running Windows 7. The hack was carried out in December by a pe...

  • #Luxury #fashion #website #Farfetch gets $397 #million #investment to push into #China

    China's JD.com invests $397 million in luxury fashion website Farfetch

    businessinsider.de 22 Jun '17, 10am

    Jose Neves, founder, CEO, and co-chairman of Farfetch. Farfetch LONDON — Online luxury fashion retailer Farfetch has raised close to $400 million (£315.5 million) from one of China's biggest e-commerce companies. Farfetch announced on Thursday that online Chinese mall JD.com has inves...

  • Sneakers are the new status symbol at work

    Can I wear sneakers to work

    businessinsider.de 19 Jun '17, 4pm

    Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, and Hollywood producer Brian Grazer wear Gucci sneakers on stage at an Airbnb branded conference. Frazer Harrison/Getty Sneakers are more popular than ever, and they're starting to supplant once was once the keystone of ever man's professional wardrobe. As...

  • Bitcoin nearly hits $3,000 before plunging

    Bitcoin nearly hits $3,000 before plunging

    businessinsider.de 12 Jun '17, 11am

    Markets Insider Bitcoin's wild ride is continuing on Monday. The cryptocurrency climbed to a lifetime high of $2,999.97 a coin in overnight action, but has seen a sharp drop from its highs. It's currently trading down $223, or 7.6%, at $2,729 a coin. Monday's action comes without any ...

  • The best airport in the world is building a $1.7 billion indoor forest

    Singapore Changi Airport Jewel indoor rainforest

    businessinsider.de 09 Jun '17, 1pm

    The Rain Vortex. Jewel Changi Airport Devt. For the fifth consecutive year, Singapore's Changi International has been named the best airport in the world by leading consumer aviation website Skytrax. The mega hub has long been praised by travelers for its beautiful architecture, effic...

  • MORGAN STANLEY: There's one company pulling ahead in blockchain tech

    Bitcoin blockchain tech leaders according to Morgan Stanley

    businessinsider.de 15 Jun '17, 4pm

    Major Wall Street banks have been investing in blockchain technology for years now, but few products have yet to actually reach the market. That's because we're still in a "proof of concept" phase, according to new Morgan Stanley research published this week. "Whilst Blockchain, or di...

  • Bitcoin storms back

    Bitcoin storms back

    businessinsider.de 16 Jun '17, 11am

    Bitcoin has come all the way back from Thursday's steep slide. The cryptocurrency tumbled as much as 18.5% to $2,076 a coin after the scaing debate came back into focus and riskier assets fell following the Fed rate hike. On Friday, its trading up 3.5% at $2,520. The selling began whe...

  • GOLDMAN SACHS: Bitcoin is looking 'heavy'

    Goldman Sachs says bitcoin looking 'heavy'

    businessinsider.de 13 Jun '17, 12pm

    Bitcoin has had a blistering start to 2017. It's up about 180% so far this year. However, its near-term outlook isn't looking so hot, according to a note released on Monday by Goldman Sachs head of technical strategy Sheba Jafari. "The market has come close (enough?) to reaching its e...