• These $500 high-fashion sneakers are the ultimate status symbol for top tech CEOs

    How Lanvin sneakers became a status symbol worn by top tech CEOs

    businessinsider.de 20 Sep '17, 4pm

    A woman walks past a Lanvin store in Paris, France, January 12, 2017. Christian Hartmann/Reuters Members of the Silicon Valley elite are lacing up sneakers from a high-end Parisian fashion brand that cost more than most people's monthly grocery bill. High-fashion house Lanvin makes ch...

  • Bitcoin is sinking

    Bitcoin price is plunging

    businessinsider.de 21 Sep '17, 4pm

    Bitcoin ATM in Bucharest. REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel Bitcoin is trading down 5.8% at $3,656 a coin on Thursday amid mounting reports of a crackdown on the digital coin by Chinese regulators. Reports last week that Chinese regulators would require exchanges to voluntary shut bitcoin tradin...

  • by @fintechfr…

    Bitcoin price stable despite China crackdown

    businessinsider.de 20 Sep '17, 3am

    Bitcoin markets appear unphased by reports of a crackdown by Chinese regulators. MI Cryptocurrency investors are shaking off reports of a regulatory crackdown on bitcoin in China. That's because traders view recent news and rumors as peripheral to the digital coin's future success and...

  • Bitcoin is tumbling after Chinese regulators say an exchange ban is certain

    Bitcoin China exchange ban is certain, report says

    businessinsider.de 14 Sep '17, 12pm

    Bitcoin continued to tumble Thursday, trading down 13.6% to $3,362 per dollar at 1:52 p.m. ET, after Chinese media reported that the country's regulators were moving closer to shutting down exchanges. Reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal on Monday first indicated that Ch...

  • The US is no longer the world's largest Bitcoin market — via @futurism https://t.co/TMELfzjeif

    The US is no longer the world's largest Bitcoin market

    businessinsider.de 18 Sep '17, 11pm

    Stanley Chou / Stringer / Getty Images Japan has risen above the U.S. in the worldwide rankings for the largest bitcoin exchange market. The country now accounts for roughly 48 percent of the global market share, reaching a high of 51 percent over the weekend. This is thanks in no sma...

  • Equifax and AXA Singapore become the latest victims of cybercrime

    Equifax and AXA Singapore become the latest victims of cybercrime

    businessinsider.de 11 Sep '17, 1pm

    Improving financial institutions' cybersecurity will require a major shift in industry mindset. In banking and other financial sectors, there has been an apparent tendency to view cyberattacks as a secondary consideration, or even as unlikely events. However, incumbents in all areas o...

  • Here's why China's crypto ban is 'bigger than most people think'

    Initial Coin Offerings in China: People's Bank of China law appears to make all crypto illegal

    businessinsider.de 04 Sep '17, 12pm

    China announced a crackdown on "ICOs" — issuing of new virtual currencies; Wording of edict makes all cryptocurrency trading illegal, according to eToro China exec. An investor looks at an electronic screen at a brokerage house in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, January 26, 2016. REUTERS...

  • Bitcoin is sinking on a report China is going to shut down exchanges

    businessinsider.de 08 Sep '17, 3pm

    An attendant holds a bitcoin sign during the opening of Hong Kong's first bitcoin retail store REUTERS/Bobby Yip Bitcoin is down 5.68% at $4,376 a coin following a Caixin report suggesting the China is going to shut down domestic exchanges . Two of China's largest bitcoin exchanges, O...