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Sifon - Talk About It [Refix] ft Rolex Carter, Pryme.

Sifon - Talk About It [Refix] ft Rolex Carter, Pryme.

I've been planning on recording an EP since like forever, but I kept putting it off, till 2 months ago! I got in the studio with Maro Klassiq, made some magic and The EP was born. Part of the inspiration for a great song comes when you have the right producer and the right artist for a beat, the artist understanding the beat and producing the right lyrics on it. And you can find all those elements in this song. Maro Klassiq combines all elements of a good producer, one of the best in this city ATM, and working with him, making music with him is one of the best experiences an artist can ask for. He understands your sound! It is also right to say Pryme has been one hell of a revelation in the past few months, and trust me, in the coming weeks, your minds will be blown. Pryme surprised me beyond words, some days he'd come to the studio, I'd play a few beats and he jump on it!...

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Sifon ft Pryme & Rolex Carter - Talk About Me

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