26 Nov '13, 12am

A few pics of me and @gzusi (aka Roger Federer) at our recent photo shoot with @TonerJewelry #ROLEX

Preowned Rolex Repair & Service The AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute) recommends that a mechanical watch should have a complete overhaul every 3-4 years. Toner Jewelers will help you take the steps to insure the proper function of your investment. Does Your Watch Need Servicing? 1. It is gaining or loosing significant time. 2. After being worn all day and keeping appropriate time, it looses significant time or stops running while not being worn during the night. Why trust your Rolex to anyone but a Certified Rolex Technician? We realize the significance of owning a Rolex. It’s a bold decision – and one that comes with much responsibility. After all, Rolex is the most renowned timepiece in the world. You’ll be glad to know Toner Jewelers has our own Certified Rolex Technician to make authorized repairs – or even completely refurbish your Rolex. With Toner’s ...

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