30 May '17, 6am

Speedy Tuesday – Recap of the Speedmaster GTG in Vienna https://t.co/pjF77AP1aF

It’s not everyday we get invited to special collectors meeting but from time to time it happens. So when our friend @vintagewatchzilla asked us to join him for a GTG in Vienna we happily accepted the invite and booked a trip to Austria. After our arrival in Austria we met up in the center of Vienna in a hotel. In a secured area, with all the privacy needed, a table was covered in photos, boxes and some amazing watches. Although the group was small there was an impressive collection of watches and accompanying boxes and accessories on the table.

Full article: https://www.fratellowatches.com/speedy-tuesday-omega-spee...


Tuesday motivation!

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I just started I is For Innocent, I like mysteries. I also like that these take place before the internet so detective wor...

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Tuesday Tangents!

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Four beautiful, happy knee miles for me! It’s amazing how either after being super sick or something hurting on my body ho...