26 Feb '17, 7pm

Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls Watch

Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls Watch

And once the chiming is complete, the two skulls will rejoin at 6 o’clock to conceal the tourbillon, and the 12 o’clock Roman numeral marker will reform itself. This isn’t just an exercise in frivolity. Look closely and you will see that the two skulls actually form a little heart in the middle. The activation of the minute repeater, therefore, signifies the separation of two lovers and the ending of the chime marks their reunion. All in all, the Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls watch is a quite a sight to behold and certainly makes the minute repeater complication, which is already a feat in and of itself, even more interesting and visually exciting to watch.

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