29 Nov '12, 9pm

Memento Design Souvenir by Hiob Haaro

Memento Design Souvenir by Hiob Haaro

Hiob Haaro's Memento is a commentary on the current state of design objects, "which become widely known and strongly hailed by mass media." (Click the images below for full sized images) Haaro calls Memento the "souvenirization" of a design icon, "Design icons are becoming like landmarks in our cultural background, and strike a chord in the viewers, thanks to their peculiar shapes." "The main aim of this project is to fuse one of the most famous design icons with the archetype of souvenirs." "Moreover a fundamental question arises: are the scaled versions of design icons already souvenirs, as it the case for monuments?"

Full article: http://mocoloco.com/archives/028155.php


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