13 Nov '12, 8pm

#TravelTuesday: Portugal a country best appreciated slowly, like a vintage port

Portugal is a country best appreciated slowly, like a sip of its vintage port wine. A founding member of the European Union and euro zone, Portugal has transitioned from an economy based on traditional industries to one based on technology. Leading international companies are investing here. Its infrastructure is strong and establishing a business is fast. For those interested in relocating, the opportunity to settle in this charmed corner of the continent is a powerful incentive. Portugal is small but astonishingly diverse. On the quality-of-life index, the country offers residents a high work-life balance. That comes as no surprise, if only for its impressive golf courses , long Atlantic coastline and Mediterranean climate. The sun shines more than 200 days a year. It also helps that luxury homeowners get to decide how they want to live with their pick of properties: bea...

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