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#LuxeEpicure Honeycrisp Apple Twist to the Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

#LuxeEpicure Honeycrisp Apple Twist to the Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

There's really nothing more American than a nice grilled cheese sandwich and some apple pie. Most people probably wouldn't think to put those together but most people aren't as inventive as Chef Eric Greenspan, the executive chef and owner of The Foundry on Melrose in Los Angeles. In teaming up with Harry & David , a gourmet gift retailer, for a Seasonal Chef Program that focuses on a different fruit each month, Greenspan has created some pretty neat recipes that incorporate Honeycrisp Apples into classic dishes. So, if you're a fan of melted cheese, pastrami, toasted bread, and crunchy apples, try out the "Johnny Apple-Cheese aka Johnny Pastrami" Grilled Cheese sandwich. It may raise some eyebrows amongst your friends but we're pretty sure we can guarantee their doubts will be proven wrong when they taste the homemade chutney and rich cheddar cheese. Serves: 4 Ingredients...

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