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@TOP_oftheTOP [#TOPsArt] Robert Ryman, No. 29, 1963

@TOP_oftheTOP [#TOPsArt] Robert Ryman, No. 29, 1963

The collection of Steven and Ann Ames tells the story of painting over the past fifty years. Masterpieces by Robert Ryman, Georg Baselitz, Willem de Kooning, Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter and many others form a peerless survey of art produced in this generation. “Steven and Ann Ames collected with the same meticulous approach they applied to all their many and varied passions,” says Amy Cappellazzo, Chairman, Global Fine Arts. “The result is a group of paintings that stands as a testament to the possibilities of the medium that is at once intellectually rigorous and visually stunning.”

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