29 Sep '12, 2pm

FCC moves closer to spectrum auctions #thecircuit

FCC moves closer to spectrum auctions: The Federal Communications Commission moved forward on a proposal to auction airwaves to accommodate the nation’s ever- increasing number of smartphones and tablets. As The Washington Post reported , the agency’s five-member commission approved a plan for how to best collect and resell broadcaster’s television spectrum. The agency will take comments on the proposal before its final vote, and aims to begin auctions to wireless carriers by 2014. YouTube will block video in Brazil: YouTube said Thursday that it will block a video about a Brazilian mayoral candidate after being denied the chance to appeal to keep the clip online. The Google video service announced the decision in a company blog post, . in which Google Brazil country director Fabio Coelho also gave an abbreviated account of events that led to a court order for his arrest .

Full article: http://sfluxe.com/2012/09/29/fcc-moves-closer-to-spectrum...