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rt @pursuitist The Overhead Compartment with Eloisa James #luxury

rt @pursuitist The Overhead Compartment with Eloisa James #luxury

Historical Romance Novels. The concept conjures up so many images, not many of them pertaining to Harvard, or Oxford or Yale. But that world-class educational resume belongs to Eloisa James , one of the best-selling novelists in the genre of historical romance. Now a tenured professor of English Literature specializing in Shakespeare at Fordham University, Eloisa wrote under another name for many years, keeping her writing secret from her colleagues for fear of being deemed inappropriate for a scholar. Ultimately, Eloisa managed to merge both her passions, for the scholarly life and the escape of historical romance novels. The Overhead Compartment caught up with Eloisa James to learn of her travel habits and a few secrets about how all that romance comes to life on the page.

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Start with freshly cut grass, the greenest you’ve ever seen. Add hot dogs and cracker jacks. Then multiply it by 162 games...