27 Feb '15, 6pm

#Balvenie is real #[email protected]

#Balvenie is real #luxury@

I briefly mentioned in my last review of Justerini & Brooks (which can be found by clicking here ) that I recently took a trip to Costa Rica . Well on my way back, I made a quick stop at the duty free. Low-and-behold I found this bottle of Balvenie for a mere $54. It was as if a beam of light opened up from the Heavens begging me to make the purchase. Needless say I’m not very good with peer-pressure – even if it is imaginary. At $54 I suggest that even people who don’t like Scotch invest, since typically each bottle comes in at around $90. So as for my personal review.. flavour, price and all?

Full article: http://getrealluxury.com/scotch-lovers-rejoice-with-the-b...