29 Nov '14, 11pm

Slim And Elegant Regal R1 Smartphone By Gresso #Luxury #Lifestyle

The Regal R1 is the slimmest luxury smartphone on the market (8.8mm), and it boasts a titanium case that requires 8 hours of hard work in order to be complete. The back panel impresses with a superb metallic finish that is achieved using a technique called “directional polishing”. The company’s logo is also made out of titanium and is machined onto the back of the case for 2 hours before it receives a manual polish. Build quality and looks aside, it’s also worth noting that Gresso’s Regal R1 smartphone is animated by an Android 4.2 operating system, and that it features some pretty impressive tech for a luxury gadget.

Full article: http://luxedb.com/slim-elegant-regal-r1-smartphone-gresso/