21 Mar '11, 12pm

Monocle discusses #artdubai 's role amidst current neighbouring conditions

While chunks of the Arab belt oscillate between simmering and boiling, teardrop-shaped Dubai is clinging tightly to its legacy of eye-of-the-storm capitalism. And now, it seems, the city’s atmosphere of easy-breezy consumerism and, for most, visa-free tourism is proving critical not just for businesses, but also at sustaining afflicted art and cultural communities across the region. This weekend’s four-day long Art Dubai (16-19 March) fair sought to reaffirm just that. Sales at this year’s Art Dubai were robust and attendance at the fair — which included big name institutions like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the British Museum — was the highest in its five-year history. Although the Jasmine Revolution appears almost trouble-free when compared to nearby Libya, the art market of Tunis is still licking its wounds. Tourism levels for the North African country have...

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to #Portugal’s

to #Portugal’s

monocle.com 18 Mar '11, 7pm

Something for the weekend: Monocle’s global pick of exhibitions to lose your Saturday in, new stores to browse on Sunday a...