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Gareth Pugh Set to Stun at New York Fashion Week #fashion

Gareth Pugh Set to Stun at New York Fashion Week #fashion

With the presentation, Pugh seeks to challenge and change the way in which clothes are presented. In a call with the New York Times , Pugh spoke of his desire to challenge the establishment: “There’s a point at which old archetypes need to change. Fashion is very stuck in its ways, and I wanted to present something that would make people think, and maybe move the needle a bit.” Though details on the presentation are being kept to a minimum, the fact that the performance includes a video installation and dancing should alone move the needle in one direction or another. This live show provides the renowned designer with just the platform he will need to be successful in this undertaking. “It was just too good an opportunity to pass up,” Pugh additionally said to the Times.

Full article: http://hauteliving.com/2014/08/gareth-pugh-set-stun-new-y...


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