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Hermès brings ‘Festival des Métiers’ to London

Hermès brings ‘Festival des Métiers’ to London

French luxury brand Hermès is bringing a team of its artisans to London for a workshop to show off their skills and display the label’s handcrafted specialities. Ever wondered about the handiwork that goes into creating one of the Hermès brand’s Birkin bags? The bags, which were named after British singer Jane Birkin, can vary in cost between $9,000 and $150,000 depending on the materials used. Running from May 21 to 27, this year’s ‘Festival des Métiers’ will show off the skills used to create the luxury label’s silk scarves, watches, fine jewelry and the aforementioned bags. Visitors to the free exhibition will be able to chat with the craftspeople and interact with the processes in order to better understand the unique blend of savoir faire and creative nous that goes into the goods. The Saatchi Gallery is located on King’s Road in Chelsea, London. Hermès isn’t the only...

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