01 Feb '18, 11pm

Patek 5170r

Hard to make a more legible and pure chrono. Very very nice. Any picture of the back just for the pleasure of the eyes?

Full article: http://www.watchprosite.com/page-wf.forumpost/fi-11/pi-94...


Happy Friday!

watchprosite.com 02 Feb '18, 7pm

If I'm not mistake, I recall this is the -011 reference that was custom-made for the Leicester players when they won the c...

Work Time

watchprosite.com 01 Feb '18, 2pm

By: cpbmd : February 1st, 2018-05:38 Good morning from GMT -5. After 2 weeks of ownership I am ready to bring my 5270 to w...

Discontinued #5131R???

watchprosite.com 02 Feb '18, 3am

By: Watch_collector9 : February 1st, 2018-19:04 From today onwards , I am going to take you more seriously baby.

New Strap for my only Patek. 5105P

watchprosite.com 27 Jan '18, 6am

New Strap for my only Patek. 5105P By: CL : January 26th, 2018-21:36 I try to bring in a vintage vibe to this 5105 and I t...

Shopping day

watchprosite.com 03 Feb '18, 12pm

I didn’t know Terminator liked shopping (only weapons) but he found the perfect glasses to match the picture

Glowing in the sun....

watchprosite.com 27 Jan '18, 10pm

This is probably the closest picture I have to the theme, taken last summer at one my favorite cocktail locations in Genov...

#5496P-001 Question

watchprosite.com 12 Feb '18, 10pm

It is good to know that Patek will not produce a replacement. Naturally, the missing case back does not influence to the w...


watchprosite.com 06 Feb '18, 3pm

By: Watch_collector9 : February 6th, 2018-06:39 This is what you can do when your AD don't want to sell you a 5711A

Chrono gallery

watchprosite.com 27 Jan '18, 2pm

Great combo of chrono triplets with... By: GLau : January 27th, 2018-06:37 useful functions ! Enjoy them often ! Cheers, G...

Happy Friday.

watchprosite.com 26 Jan '18, 4pm

By: cpbmd : January 26th, 2018-07:55 This is the second day I have been wearing the 5270R to work. It’s an awesome piece. ...

Coffee... on any given Sundays

Coffee... on any given Sundays

watchprosite.com 28 Jan '18, 11am

Show profile Show other posts Send PM Coffee... on any given Sundays By: Watcholic_id : January 28th, 2018-03:27 Have a bl...