13 Jan '18, 12am

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Being a Contingent Employment freelancer is an increasingly frequent option among students and professionals. Discover these tips to be able to work from home and not die trying Working from home has its advantages   Who has not ever said in the office

"what do you want to be at home"? All, to tell the truth. Nowadays it is more and more frequent to meet with friends or colleagues who decide to work on their own from home, some from platforms and others offering their work to known clients. The truth is that becoming a freelancer is not all pink, it has its disadvantages that you can solve with these tips:
Most believe that being a freelancer one can manage their schedules, but for that you have to be very organized. Although you can enjoy not having to wake up to a certain time, when you start working you have to do it with a stipulated period. You decide if 4, 6 or 8 hours will be enough, but set them to make your day more productive and organized.